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I Was Blind, Now I Can See

Friday, June 27th, 2008

So I bit the bullet, took the bull by the horns, struck while the iron was hot and cried havoc and let slip the dogs of war. By which I mean I went ahead and got laser eye surgery. I have worn glasses since I was the tender age of 11, and I somehow feel that I have sold out by turning my back on the myopic life. I am sorry my four eyed brothers. On the other hand, eat my better than 20/20 vision dust, you speccy twats.

I’m sure it will change my life but possibly not as much as when I first got glasses (cos I was suddenly able to, you know, see stuff), or when I first got contact lenses (cos, you know, girls started talking to me then. Yes, I know that was probably more to do with my newly found confidence than anything else but it makes a good anecdotal one liner).

To be honest I was rather hoping that something unexpected would happen during the surgery and I would inexplicably acquire x-ray vision, the ability to “do” optic blasts and solo vision. I don’t know what “solo vision” actually is but I bet it’s totally awesome.