Bye, Robot Page 16
August 15th, 2008

Bye, Robot Page 16

Op Do

The “I cannot take the ‘them'” bit (along with the “I cannot give the me to the gun” line on page 11) is of course a reference to the Spectrum games of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings, by Melbourne House. Lauded at the time for their revolutionary text recognition system (“Inglish”), there were some odd responses that would occasionally manifest themselves. Of course kids don’t realise this, but back in those days, in order to play computer games you had to have a good knowledge of grammar!

Hopefully, when Peter Jackson goes ahead and makes his film adaptation of The Hobbit (along with its sequel Hobbit 2: Electric Boogaloo) he’ll throw in a few references for us old school Tolkien fans. Maybe Thorin sitting down and singing about gold.


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