May 13th, 2009


I regularly have paranoid dreams about going to comic conventions. In the latest one we at least had a table. The only problem was, when I realised that no one had bought anything, and then came to the further realisation that no one had even walked by us and perused our wonderful wares. It transpired that our table was in some back room somewhere about a mile away from the main hall. I think Chewbacca may have been involved somehow, as well.

This sort of dream is becoming as common for me as that one where I’m late for school and haven’t done any homework, or have a massive thesis to write and I haven’t even started it. Ridiculous isn’t it, I’m still dreaming about being at school and I’m in my late twenties (36 – really fucking late twenties. This joke originally appeared in an issue of Shade The Changing Man by Peter Milligan. Best comic series EVER!)

During that stage where you’re sort of beginning to wake up, and just lying there anticipating the horrible sound of the alarm going off, I also came up with a brilliant new character idea: Invisigoth. Maybe I should also post up a piece of concept art depicting this brilliant new creation (in order to secure copyright if nothing else), but seeing as she’s invisible much of the time, there didn’t seem much point. And she was probably just Sue Storm with black lipstick, anyway.


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