Jedi Kidz

So when I heard that The Clone Wars was going to feature a group of Jedi younglings, well, I can’t say my heart sank, exactly, but I certainly didn’t think it would be essential viewing. At its introduction, the series was always supposed to be for a younger audience, but gradually it has developed into a much more interesting and (to employ a cliched and overused word) “dark” show, to the point we now have people getting tortured to death, clones murdering their commanding officer, and General Grievous dismembering zombies. At its finest, Clone Wars evokes the spirit of the movies (see The Citadel, Wookiee Hunt, A Friend In Need and so on) and even when it veers away into other genres (The Mortis Trilogy, The Box, Brain Invaders et al) it’s still enjoyable stuff, and occasionally recalls some of Marvel Comics’ more idiosyncratic spin off tales. Incidentally, the only EU I care about is The Clone Wars, the Marvel comics, and this.

Fair enough that the series is being taken, if only temporarily, back to its original conception, but it turns out that these episodes were great – funny, exciting, and including some great stuff from mercurial weequay pirate Hondo (a real breakout character on the show). Most of all, the kids weren’t annoying. Wonders will never cease right? I was expecting Cindel Towani, but the younglings are pretty good characters, and two of them are downright adorable. Gungi the smiley wookiee seems to be the popular choice. Everyone loves wookiees, I guess. Not even The Holiday Special can change that. But it’s Byph the Hammerhead (oh, all right then, “Ithorian“) that gets my vote. Lanky, awkward, chittering away in his alien language, I find it impossible not to love this guy. The “Young Jedi” arc is clearly a tryout for a future kid based spin off show, but all it needs is Gungi and Byph in an Odd Couple style setup, and I am totally sold.


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