Crystal Tips Page 4
August 9th, 2010

Crystal Tips Page 4

Incidentally this story was written and drawn before Indiana Jones & The Kingdom of The Crystal Skull was released (and stretched the limits of credulity, although a man surviving a nuclear blast by hiding in a fridge is no more ridiculous than jumping out of an aeroplane with nothing but an inflatable raft, or that forced perspective bridge thing) and I was quite pleased that the movie not only combined Crystal Skulls (with particular reference to Mitchell Hedges) the Nazca Skylines in Peru with the urban legend of Area 51, but also mentioned Leeds. For that I could forgive it a marauding monkey army or two.

The Mitchell Hedges Skull has now been proven to be fake, or at least not thousands of years old as it was once thought to be. Shame. Weird crystal artefacts with unspeakably mysterious powers featured in another of that globe trotting archaeologist’s adventures, namely Gateway To Infinity in the old Further Adventures of Indiana Jones comic book from Marvel. That’s what I was ripping off, not the 2008 Spielberg/Lucas/Ford folly.


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