Happy Halloween Ladies!

May all your Halloween dreams come true… actually that’s not good is it? That would be awful! Instead, why not read our fantastic Halloween based story, starting here. Much better than eating apples filled with razor blades!



  1. Adam

    First comment I’ve actually seen on here, but loving the comic, its so british I can actually relate to it!
    Also, was just gonna say that I think he looks more like Trent Reznor than Billy Corgan 😀
    Keep it up!

  2. Simon

    Cheers Adam.

    Actually Lee’s meant to be a sort of generic goth, but I guess Trent Reznor is the king of goths, so that works too. The Billy Corgan tag is a “hilarious” allusion to the fact that the picture has a pumpkin in it. Yeah, I know, I never claimed to be sophisticated.

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