Children Of The Quorn – Page 21
October 12th, 2009

Children Of The Quorn – Page 21



  1. Dean

    If Clark liked the Judge Dredd movie, it might be kinder to let the clones kill him.

  2. Simon

    True. That’s my “clever” way of showing that he’s an idiot. But that’s all he is though. I hate romantic comedies where you have the other person in a love triangle and they murder puppies in their spare time or something, so the audience knows they’re bad and doesn’t need to feel any sympathy when they get dumped in favour of the protagonist in the end.

    I was always a bit disappointed that when Dredd takes off his helmet, it’s just Stallone looking like he always does. If they absolutely had to show his face they could at least have shaved his head or given him a cool scar or something.

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