Everything’s Jackanory

In the recently completed tale It’s About Time Lee outlines the hypothesis that all Britpop was shit. He’s wrong of course, but what can you expect from someone whose brain has been addled by the three pronged attack of metal, alcohol and pornography? You’d have to be pretty cloth eared to not acknowledge that the likes of Supergrass and The Bluetones released some terrific records at the time. To this end I have created another Spotify playlist: Mid 90s Non Stop Indie Disco a Go Go.

While I often claim that I fought in The Indie Wars, I wasn’t a wholehearted enthusiast, so my knowledge of the scene/era/genre doesn’t go particularly deep. In fact this playlist has the whiff of a bog standard compilation of obvious choice “Best Indie Anthems in The World Ever”, possibly advertised on telly by Egg off of This Life.

It’s with some mixed feelings that I added a track by Menswear. Not quite the nadir of the genre (that “honour” could go to anyone from Cast to Northern Uproar) but they weren’t far off. I remember this song being pretty good. It really isn’t, but has been added to give a sense of perspective. Most of these songs are pretty good. And I still like Kula Shaker.



  1. Fulcanelli

    As someone who fought alongside you in the indie wars (a little more passionately, I feel – you understood our cause but your true allegiances were elsewhere), I still maintain Pulp made it all worthwhile. The main thing that surprised me most when Blur recently got back together was the fact I had no idea they’d split in the first place.

  2. s_perrins

    Oh yeah Pulp wrote all the best songs. Did I ever tell you the story of how Jarvis Cocker walked past me in the street once? Er… that’s all there is to that story actually.

    I think the main reason that era gets a bad rap is because of all the surrounding stuff – Loaded, Chris Evans, “Cool Britannia” etc etc. Sure there were some shit bands but there are shit bands in every genre. And sometimes it’s worth listening to shit bands from years ago just to jog your memory.

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