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Now in low quality!

Thursday, October 2nd, 2008

I’m currently sulking as The Clone Wars TV series begins on American TV tomorrow, but I won’t be watching it when it reaches our screens at the end of the month as it’s on Sky Movies, and there’s no way I’m paying just for one TV show. Hmmm… it is?Star Wars though… ah screw it I’ll just watch it on Youtube.

In order to take my mind off this irritating situation I have posted up the legendary (and significantly less sumptuously animated) Flying Monkey Comics Trailer to ver ‘tube. Long time Flying Monkey fans (all six of them) will have seen this before of course (in smooth, high quality flash format), but Youtube is the Video sharing site of choice for the masses, and never let it be said that we don’t go along with the crowd.


Old School

Tuesday, October 28th, 2008

About a year ago issue ten of Hope For The Future was unleashed upon an unsuspecting world. The unsuspecting world didn’t really notice, however, as the only move I made to promote that particular consumer item was to send it to SFX magazine. Fanzine of the Month may be a hotly sought accolade but it certainly doesn’t translate into sales.

So in the interest of Halloween, the credit crunch, and shameless self promotion I have created another animated trailer, featuring scenes from the comic (I use the term “animated” advisedly. Think Captain Pugwash rather than Wall-E). Special mention must be given to the spectacular music composed and created by Rum & Coke. I asked for spooky, rock and big ending, in that order, and that’s what I got (incidentally, the final piece puts me in mind of Ash’s tangentelly Episode Two related angst metal thrashathon?Clones. But I’ve been thinking a lot about clones in general).

The comic can be purchased from our store, or from our American printer Indyplanet.