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Saturday, April 17th, 2010

Geek Syndicate certainly don’t need any introduction from us, at least judging by the fact that they have ten times as many Twitter followers as we do. If you didn’t know, they’re a podcast covering comics, movies, TV, and video games, and they do it with a winning sense of humour and level of enthusiasm that you don’t find too often. The triple headed hydra that is Flying Monkey Comics saw them present a Q&A with various A list artists at the Thoughtbubble Festival in Leeds last year, and even though we pick up new comic books about as often as… something that doesn’t happen very often, we still had a great time and found the whole thing extremely entertaining (even when the billed artists didn’t show up for the first hour, and the GS boys had to improvise).

So, we’d like to thank Barry Nugent for the exemplary review of HFTF, or at least the first couple of issues on their most recent podcast. It’s pretty weird getting critical notices on work that’s getting on for ten years old, but hey ho – it’s complimentary so I don’t need to find a way to travel back in time to persuade myself to not do it. You should head over there and listen to it right now. And then buy our stuff. Or read through our archives.


This Just In: I’m Brilliant

Sunday, February 5th, 2012

Well not quite. But I have recently come across a rather good  five star review of Hope For The Future 13 in Comic Heroes issue 10. Trying to get any sort of review of your independent comics in any publication or website is usually like bashing your head against a brick wall, (even when it’s a site that specifically covers independent comics), so you’ll forgive me if I start shouting about a well produced internationally published magazine actually giving my stuff a mention.

Yes, that’s my whale! MINE! The review itself is as follows:

There’s no such subtlety in Hope For The Future, but trust us that no bad thing. Now 13 issues in, Simon Perrins’ ongoing series combines tales of dread, a hefty scoop of weirdness, and some superbly creative swearing to devastating effect. The artwork is well handled (it’d be great to see in colour), the story telling well paced and the characters utterly, frustratingly believable. Equally as adept at pinpointing the subtle annoyances in every festival crowd as spinning a hilariously bad-mouthed Middle Ages dragon-slaying yarn, this is genuinely inspired stuff.

Pretty good eh? Almost as if I’d written it myself. Actually, if I had written it myself I would have mentioned that the comic is available here. And that the artist is really, really good looking.