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Hoisted By My Own Retard(edness)

Friday, August 1st, 2008

Recently on The Collings and Herrin Podcast, Richard Herrin (Herring) has been expounding on the merits (and otherwise) of the 90s sitcom Goodnight Sweetheart. If you remember, it featured Nicholas (you plonker, Rodney) Lyndhurst as a bloke that regularly time slipped in order to commit bigamy in the 1940s. Not exactly the most sympathetic protagonist for a sitcom. What’s more, he would play Beatles songs to his hapless wartime pals and claim them as his own. What a dick.

I thought I was being incredibly smart when I wrote this Scary Go Round strip, which references an earlier SGR story in which Shelley travels back in time, plays Beatles songs and claims them as her own.?Hey, I’m sure that idea has been used many times before and since, but I thought it was pretty funny to suggest that Shelley had got the idea from the aforementioned, morally dubious sitcom.

Except I didn’t. In my script Shelley mentions “As Time Goes By”, which is something completely different, apparently a sitcom about Geoffrey Palmer getting it on with Judi Dench. So that clever clever gag of mine doesn’t work at all. Which makes me about 85% stupider than I would have done had I not bothered. In future I must remember to fact check anything I write, particularly if it’s something that’s going on a really popular website.