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Close to the Mitchell Hedges

Friday, May 16th, 2008

Keen eyed viewers will notice that I have changed the header image at the top of the page. The new one features Hannah holding a crystal skull, which is, of course, an entirely cynical attempt to cash in on the inevitable onslaught of interest in all things crystal skullish, initiated by the imminent release of Indiana Jones and The Kingdom of The Crystal Skull.

Naturally the critical knives are already out, and the movie is being dismissed as a disappointment. Doubtless someone on the Aint It Cool News Talkbacks will bleat about having their childhood raped. Trouble is, just like The Phantom Menace, too much time has lead to too much anticipation, and anything less than a movie that’s three times better than the original will be viewed as a let down. Anything in the new film that’s a significant departure from the first three will mean it doesn’t “feel” like Indy, the makers have lost sight of what made the character and the franchise memorable. Anything that refers back to the originals will be seen as a cop out, the same ideas rehashed, an easy hackish retread of past (fortune and) glories.

However, I’m sure it will be at least entertaining, and I’m positive it will make a ton of money, so Senor Spielbergo and Randall Curtis are unlikely to lose any sleep.

If you would like to learn more about crystal skulls, click here. If that startling expose isn’t enough for you, try wikipedia.