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Oh Shit It’s Next Week!

Saturday, March 5th, 2011

For some reason I blagged my head into thinking it was at the end of the month, but apparently The London Small Press Expo is next week. I need to get ready! But I will be there, so if you have the urge to meet Leeds’ most iconoclastic comic book creators (Andrew’s so unconventional that he hasn’t drawn a comic since 2006), come along. We will have the new (to London) Hope For The Future issue 13, and er… some other stuff… possibly (if it gets delivered on time). And all the usual crap. If you ask nicely we may even draw you a stupid picture of Brian Blessed in Flash Gordon BECAUSE WE CAN!

By the by, Sandman cover artist and all round genius Dave McKean will be there. I dare you to go up to him and ask for a sketch of Gen 13.


Yes, we now have prints