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6 Degrees of Francis Bacon: Day 1

Friday, July 17th, 2009

In the interests of drawing a broader range of subjects than I would ordinarily (my comics generally consist of people wearing t shirts swearing at eachother) I am embarking upon a project that I have given the  unwieldy and slightly nonsensical title of 6 Degrees of Francis Bacon. This is inspired by various Facebook groups where artists have drawn an illustration for each letter of the alphabet,  taking suggestions from groupmembers, blogreaders and twitterers (notably Neill Cameron’s A-Z of Awesomeness and Garen Ewing’s A-Z of Comic Strip Characters).

6 Degrees of Francis Bacon

I’m not going to tackle an A-Z (because that means I would definitely have to do 26 pieces, and this way I can pretend that I was only ever going to do three pieces if no one’s interested), but I am taking my cues from The Chain, a regular feature on Mark Radcliffe & Stuart Maconie’s BBC Radio 2 show, a “never-ending list of records, with every new track somehow connected to the last”. And like The Chain, your connections can be as direct or convoluted, as clever or stupid as you like, as long as it’s an interesting character from the world of Movies, TV, books, comics, music, art etc.

I suspect the vast majority will be from the area of Sci-Fi/Fantasy, as most people who read this, like me, are undoubtedly geeks (I have a theory that everyone has a geek inside them – you can write your own punchline to that). So with the geek centric nature of this project established, here is 6 Degrees of Francis Bacon: Day 1 –


Bossk is a reptillian bounty hunter, briefly seen in The Empire Strikes Back, hissing irascibly at Admiral Piett, hired, among several others, to find and capture the crew of The Millennium Falcon. He’s probably better remembered for his action figure, back in the days when being immortalised in plastic was an honour only afforded to a (relative) handful of background characters. Now of course even Ackmena has one. Obviously common sense suggests that I should have started this with an interpretation of one of the paintings of the eponymous intense and cage obsessed Irish artist, but my initial plan was to do an A-Z of minor Star Wars characters. I scrapped this when I a) kept mucking up “A” for Aayla Secura, and b) realised that there’s a gazillion pieces of Star Wars fan art out there (and even some pretty damn impressive A-Zs too).

So where do we go from Bossk? It could be anything, from Masters of the Universe character redesigns, to an hilarious mashup of Hellraiser and Archie Comics,  or Flowers For Algernon fanart. The possibilities are endless, well, not that endless, I won’t draw that Twilight shit. Stay tuned. And be sure to make your suggestions, along with your connection, for future pictures in the blog comments, on my Twitter feed, or at the Facebook Group.