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Wiithin You Wiithout You*

Friday, September 11th, 2009

With the release of The Beatles Rock Band, giving you the chance to play along with the seminal lovable scouse moptops’ synergistically released back catalogue (although sadly not The Inner Light), the Rock Band (and Guitar Hero) franchises are becoming a talking point among many that would never normally have in interest in video games.

Back in The CGI... nah doesn't work does it?

Ex Stone Bill Wyman and Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason have both slammed the franchise, much like Jimmy Page did a few months back, and it’s easy to see why someone who grew up in that generation (and came up through a period in which rock and pop were the most exciting countercultural forces in the world) would be dismissive and suspicious of something which purports to let you “be” your rock heroes, without you having to learn to play a note.  When Jimmy Page was a kid computers were the size of a house and had the processing power of a lamp post!

I’m not sure that playing Guitar Hero would stop someone learning an instrument. If you have the drive to do it, you’re gonna do it. When I was a teenager my greatest achievement was learning to play Misplaced Childhood all the way through on a little Yamaha home keyboard (the one with the bright blue drum pads at the bottom) but I certainly wasn’t in danger of becoming a musician. Surely if you are really into Guitar Hero you are more likely to take up playing a real guitar. And when you play the drums in those games it’s pretty much playing the drums!

Although, on the other hand, there are way too many bands out there, and most of them are shit, so we could do with a few less.

* Well, The Metro had already used “While My Guitar Hero Gently Weeps”