Hope For The Future is an ongoing comic book series, centred around three students, Hannah, Lee and Greg as they try to go about their normal lives, whilst beset at every turn by strange events, bizarre coincidences and the creeping suspicion that they are being stalked by some octopoid international conspiracy based around the magical underworld. Currently up to the twelfth issue, the series takes in our heroes’ attempts to avert the impending apocalypse, defeat the forces of chaos, and find cheap booze on a student budget.

It is brilliant, but don’t take our word for it, check this shit out:

With a great line in dry wit, HFTF offers a good mix of comedy and horror, coupled with some fantastic artwork SFX #162

Kinda like Buffy, but with more swearing SFX #120

A winning cross-genre mix of laughs, girls, guys, sexual tension and numerous sci-fi and horror staples, dynamic page layouts, strong dialogue and witty fanboy referencing Redeye #3

HFTF is the comics’ equivalent of TV show Spaced. It manages to be laugh out loud funny and knowingly referential while creating an exciting ongoing story, with totally believable characters you quickly grow to care about. Redeye #5

I couldn’t stop reading it, it was too enthralling ¬†Garen Ewing, The Rainbow Orchid

About this site

Previously, our heroes’ adventures were chronicled in a series of comic books, and the bits in between appeared at the Flying Monkey Comics site. Here we’ll be reprinting the entire series, with new pages every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Enjoy. But if you can’t wait, you can buy our fantastic new collected editions, in US comic book format and replete with loads of extra stuff, here.

About the Author

Hope for the Future is written and mostly drawn by a bloke called Simon Perrins. He likes it when you buy his comics. Everything you need to know and more about this shadowy figure can be found in these interviews here and here.

Occasionally guest artists have been featured. Andrew Livesey inked issues 5 and 6, and provided full art for issue 7. More of his work can be found at Flying Monkey Comics. John Welding drew Stones, Dogs and Holes, one of the Halloween tales in issue 4, and his illustration website can be found here. Also in issue 4 was Greg’s Psychedelic Breakfast, drawn by Richard J Smith. His DeviantArt pages are here and here. The third story in that issue, Lee Simmons and The Rock Club Of The Damned was by Jon Lycett-Smith, who can be found here.