How does it feel to be the only one that knows that you’re right?
July 29th, 2009

How does it feel to be the only one that knows that you’re right?

Jellyfish are often described as an underrated band, but that’s actually completely wrong. Everyone who’s heard them generally tends to agree they were brilliant, but in the greater scheme of things not many people have actually heard them, so it’s more correct to say they are sort of unrated.

Jellyfish are what I would call an example of “perfect” pop music, with, y’know, actual melodies. They were a terrific live band too – all those harmonies that were on the records were done without twenty thousand backing singers, tapes and sequencers. Even when playing softer songs they had a strident quality that you only get from the best rock bands. Check out their live cover of No Matter What which absolutely trounces Badfinger’s original studio version!

I was once listening to Baby’s Coming Back and my girlfriend came into the room and said “are you listening to McFly?”. I promptly launched into a 20 minute rant, which culminated in my assertion that McFly were trying to be Jellyfish, but failing miserably. She said that was ridiculous, and that McFly had probably never even heard of Jellyfish, but by now I was warming to my theme, and agreed that they probably never had heard of them, but they were still trying to be them. One of my favourite things is to make huge sweeping generalisations without any knowledge of the subject at hand. It’s fun, you should try it.

To cut a long story short, who should do a cover of Baby’s Coming Back a couple of months later? Yes that’s right, those adorable McFly boys! Ah well, at least it wasn’t Westlife.

Of course now whenever I am drunk in Leeds’ premier cheesy Karaoke bar I have restrain myself from tackling “McFly’s Baby’s Coming Back“. Partly because I would feel the trainspotterish need to correct the DJ with excessive uses of the phrase “I think you’ll find…”. And partly because handling the vocal chores on that song is very probably beyond my capabilities. I swear, one time I did Journey’s Don’t Stop Believin’ and nearly passed out. Steve Perry’s not human, dude!



  1. juzzard

    I feel obliged to check out Jellyfish. I thought Mcfly were trying to be Busted. Remember them? I nearly cried when they split up.

  2. Simon

    My missus liked Busted. Every so often Year 3000 randomly pops up on one of my playlists because of this. You probably know that Charlie “went metal” and formed Fightstar, who, bizarrely enough, a friend of mine (who is into, like, proper serious rock) saw and said they were inexplicably good!

    Everyone should listen to Jellyfish, fact. Every other artist I listen to, I can quite understand people hating, but not Jellyfish. If you were to isolate everything good about pop music and distill into one band it would be them. Imperial Drag (a sort of glam rock spin off band) are awesome as well (although unfortunately not on Spotify)

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