We Got Served!

Due to various server changes, our regular schedule has been thrown into disarray. You may have noticed that the site has been absent, replaced temporarily with a picture of a friendly dog. Awww!

You may need to change your RSS subscription settings. And by “may” I mean “will”. ┬áBut make no mistake, we’re back baby! And just in time for our (sure to be) heroic and historic appearance at the UK Web and Mini Comix Thing this year, on March 28th. Check us out at table number 70. That’s the best number.


We may not have any new merchandise (because of laziness), but there is plenty of all the stuff we had at the last con. And don’t forget we have Hope for the Future back issues for sale at the credit crunch busting price of 50p a pop.



  1. MHG

    It was great seeing you guys this year, even if I didn’t let you get a word in edgeways. I gave you a mention on my site, hopefully you’ll remember the enthusiastic fan you saw at the Thing.

  2. s_perrins

    Anyone who describes themselves as a “fan” is OK by us! And enthusiasm is an admirable trait. So hat’s off to you sir, hat’s off to you.

    BTW Vidz generally followed Bits, and featured a tall laconic Scottish bloke and a short, angry welsh bloke. Shouting about new releases on VHS (remember that, kids?). Not as good as Bits, but still fun.

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