When I Grow Up I Wanna Have Scoobies

Every time a new supernatural/comedy/drama (and any combination thereof) show appears on TV my heart sinks. Not because I don’t want to watch that kind of thing, but it is yet another nail in the coffin of my dreams of bringing Hope For The Future¬†to TV.

Since I started this comic there have been several TV shows and movies that have come along and done what I was trying to do but better. And then there’s stuff like Demons.

It’s an unimaginative title from the get go. They should have gone with We’re Going For Some Of That Sweet Doctor Who Money or We Hope No One Remembers Buffy.¬†Lip service references to Bram Stoker aside, the true progenitor of this show is of course Joss Whedon’s best known work. “Chosen One”, mysterious mentor, mystical underworld, teen angst all checked off, but with all the humour and personality drained out of it. There’s also a rather weird ethnic cleansing subtext too – the grizzled demon hunter played by Gene Hunt refuses to acknowledge these fantasical entities by their names and just calls them things like “a type 12” – another great way to avoid any possible sense of wonder or mystery.

Truthfully, I never bothered watching past the first episode (in which the main villain was a demon, sorry, Type 12 played by Mackenzie Crook, seemingly channelled several of Paul Whitehouse’s characters from The Fast Show), so I apologise if it suddenly got brilliant in subsequent installments. For a series that considers a character called Luke being told to “use the force” to be witty dialogue, I kind of doubt it.


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