When Fairies Attack Page 8
May 2nd, 2008

When Fairies Attack Page 8

Ghosts, Witches, Demons, Incest…

Dinsdale and Noreen are of course on their way to The Cropredy Festival, the annual Fairport Convention uh… convention. I was “getting into” a lot of folk rock at the time, and there are several well known songs referenced in this story. On this page those two are singing Come All Ye, the opening track on Fairport’s awesome and (literally) genre defining album Liege and Lief, which I highly recommend, even if you think folk music is all inbreds in chunky knitwear.

Other traditional songs quoted in this tale are Thomas The Rhymer (popularised by Steeleye Span) and John Barleycorn (this intense, creepy version by the not-really-folk-at-all Traffic), albeit some of the verses from more obscure versions of those songs, because, well, I’m just like that I’m afraid.

Why not check out Noreen & Dinsdale’s Cropredy bound Folk Rock Mixtape, courtesy of Spotify? Actually it’s probably a couple of C90s.

As a dyed in the wool Progressive Rock fan, the acoustic passages in the songs of Led Zeppelin, Jethro Tull and Genesis made my introduction to folk rock fairly painless, and the recurring lyrical subject matter of demons, witches and sheer abject terror of the world at large in most traditional folk was also a small step. Although, there are lots of songs about murder and incest too, for some reason.

On this page, Hannah quotes The Young Ones, which is fair enough, but during this story she does seem to swear a lot. I subsequently realised that it’s not really in her character to do so, and never wrote any more “colourful” dialogue for her, but rather than go back and change all the offending word balloons in this story, I have just accepted the fact that she was probably having a really bad day.