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An “artist’s” impression of how my table was supposed to look

Once again, Thought Bubble has been and gone, and the entire UK comics community is in a state of comedown. There’s not much to say about Leeds’ annual Comics and Sequential Art Festival, that I don’t say every year- that it’s a wonderfully welcoming and inclusive event, brilliantly organised, and it just gets bigger, better and more enjoyable every year. So where does that leave the traditional Thoughtbubble Report blog post? Well, I took a bunch of photos, and there were thousands of cosplayers about, so you don’t have to look at my stupid face.


Oh shit, who’s manning the table?


Slenderman in the house!


Thoughtbubble 2015 was a very wolf centric convention



Left: Takes me back to my Le Phono days Right: This woman is not fucking about.

Incidentally I saw this Hogwarts resident’s feathered pal fly directly into the face of… Uh… Two Face. Neither villain nor bird were injured, but it was like watching crossover fanfiction come to life before your very eyes.


Worth noting that both of these people stayed in character and didn’t utter a word


Hey, turns out Slendy has great taste. And so does this naiad

Well, she said she was a naiad. WHY WOULD SHE  LIE?


Death is in the eye of the Beholder


Guts, from Berserk (you sure as hell learn stuff about manga at these things), and a Harley Quinn

This was one of the many Harley Quinns in attendance. There are always a lot of Harley Quinns, but this year it was through the roof. I lost count at about 15, and that was mid morning on the first day!


As I brilliantly predicted, Star Wars is so hot right now


Everyone still loves Baby Groot. And Baymax loves Daredevil


Gandalf and Griff


More cosplayers. We’ve decided, next year we’re all cosplaying as Jareth from Labyrinth


Know what? They’re *all* Snow White

And finally…




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