Thought Bubble 2012

Another year, another Thought Bubble Convention in Beautiful Downtown Leeds. It was pretty much the same as last year’s, but better. Normally at this point, I would write a long rambling blog post about what I got up to, with lots of stupid gags and dopey sketches that I’d scribbled on the day. I fear if I were to do one this year I would be repeating myself. It’s still exceptionally well organised and managed, it’s still packed to the rafters with insanely talented artists and crawling with cosplayers of all castes, and it’s still the most fun convention we’ve ever been to.

This kid wins Thought Bubble - actually this kid wins at life!

People love that Harley Quinn - I saw at least seven of them

I tried to get around and have a look at as many artists’ work as I could – I think I must’ve managed about 3%, but I have since made it my mission to follow every single exhibitor (and most of the punters) on Twitter. I can genuinely say everyone whose work I have seen was really good. I could have done with seeing a few that were crap to be honest. The trouble with seeing so much great art is that I can’t decide whether it’s inspiring, or alternatively makes me feel like I should give up and set fire to everything I’ve ever done. I can’t be alone in this.

Here's a pic I drew for our pal Richard J Smith of one of his many characters, surly bat demon type thing Chainsaw

It looks like I'm about to be assimilated. I hate it when that happens. Of course all you need to do in this situation is start busting some dance moves and sing "We Are Here To Change The World"

As we were walking away from the venue at the end of the second day we came upon a weird little scene playing out. Some people were stood around watching another man stood above them on some steps, who was shouting at them. It entered my mind that it could have been one of those religious guys that stand in the centre of town at the weekend that yell at passers by about how they’re going to Hell, but as we got closer, it became apparent that the man was performing a soliloquay, and was dressed as Doctor Who (surely the easiest and least imaginative costume, next to “normal guy carrying gun”). Now if I was up on Doctor Who lore I would be able to identify what episode the monologue was from, and what its significance was, but, alas I must remain ignorant. But it struck me as something that just wouldn’t happen anywhere else. Our sonic screwdriver wielding pal wasn’t playing to a big audience, just a handful of mates, but he was having a whale of a time. It summed up the friendly, welcoming and diverse atmosphere of Thought Bubble. I haven’t worked out how quite yet, but as soon as I do you’ll be the first to know.

Love that Joker

Long time readers of this blog will remember we were interviewed back in ’09 by Spider-Girl. This video never emerged, and I presumed it was because our answers were a bit dull – possibly our thoughts were elsewhere i.e. trying to work out precisely what relationship this young lady had with Peter Parker. However we were interviewed again last year, and that video has just emerged. I wish I had shaved, and I keep pulling slightly pissed off faces for no apparent reason, but I do gush about how brilliant Thought Bubble is, so, y’know, Thought Bubble people – don’t ban me next year!

Thanks to: All at Thought Bubble HQ for the Herculean task of making the convention run smoothly. Andrew for being my sidekick on Saturday and making me buy him loads of drinks at the evening party. Harriet for helping me out on Sunday in the face of my terrible terrible hangover. Rosie for interviewing us, editing the vid and acting as if we are the big shots that we like to think we are although definitely are not. Everyone who came up to chat to us, and bought comics, sketches and prints – you people are what makes Britain Great.

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