Fifty Shades Of Crimson

And now, something for the ladies.

Perhaps because of an edict from Lucasfilm, or possibly just an uncertainty as to where to go with the continuing adventures, the early Marvel Star Wars comics didn’t feature Darth Vader, or even the Empire. The first villain to appear was Crimson Jack, an old adversary of Han Solo’s and the Captain of a hijacked Imperial Star Destroyer.

Creators Roy Thomas and Howard Chaykin must have really latched on to the description of Solo as a “space pirate”, as most of Jack’s crew look like they would be at home at Disneyland’s Pirates of the Caribbean. If he never used the phrase “planet lubbers”, they missed a trick. One wonders if he spoke in the traditional pirate manner. Come to think of it, why do we think all pirates talked like that? They can’t all have come from Bristol.

As tetchy and avaricious as Jack is, there’s something avuncular about him. Maybe he looked on Han as a kindred spirit or the son he never had or something. If so Han gets the opportunity to play out the trope of (spoiler alert for thirty four year old comics) killing his own father figure.


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