It’s not easy being green

When Dark Horse started publishing Star Wars comics in the early 90s, it seemed to be editorial policy to bash the earlier Marvel run as an embarrassment. Their comics, they assured us, would be more in the spirit of the movies. That didn’t quite pan out, as anyone who ever read The Hunger of Princess Nampi would attest.

The attitude towards the Marvel run was one I never quite understood as I had really enjoyed them, and took them pretty seriously, when I was growing up. I recently reread the entire run and they’re as I remember: (mostly) good, (occasionally) bad and (in one or two cases), brilliant. In addition I’ve been listening to the commentary for the series on the excellent Two True Freaks podcast, so it’s fair to say I’m a little bit obsessed with them at the moment.

It seems that the only reason the Marvel comics were ever considered to be to be “goofy” and “camp” was the fact that a couple of the early issues featured a six foot tall green rabbit mercenary called Jaxxon.

OK maybe a gun toting, sarcastic bunny wouldn’t have worked in the movies, but comics are resolutely a different medium. Those early issues were a little crazy, but that was their charm. To an entire generation of Star Wars fans Jaxxon is not only the saga’s weirdest denizen, but also the symbol of a more innocent time. Hats off to you Jaxxon, and May The Holy Hutch Be With You.



  1. Tobar

    While I think Jaxxon plays a part in the denigration of the Marvel comics, I think it’s a small part. I’d lay most of the blame on the post ROTJ era with the pink Zeltrons and beret wearing cockroaches. Personally, I love the Marvel run up until that point. Although those Hoojibs…

  2. Simon

    Post Jedi, those comics went downhill really badly, although by all accounts it was more to do with Lucasfilm putting the kibosh on anything interesting happening. Having said that, who doesn’t like Zeltrons? That’s crazy talk. I agree with you on The Hiromi though – they were pretty unforgivable.

  3. Joe Bongiorno

    Nice essay! Jaxxon rocked, as did those old Marvel Star Wars comics. Simon was right in that Jo Duffy had a very complex arc she was building towards, which would have seen the return of Domina Tagge, apparently teaming up with Lumiya, to lead the Tofs against the Alliance. The earlier issues (with the Hiromi) were purposely lighter and more humorous, but the stories were going to go much darker. Lucasfilm, however, told Marvel that they didn’t want any new stories coming out until Lucas decided what direction he wanted them to go in, news that came in when they were completing issue 106, forcing them to conclude everything abruptly in 107.

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