The Strange Tale Of Galenus Weyer page 1
September 8th, 2010

The Strange Tale Of Galenus Weyer page 1

This segment of the story first appeared in an anthology for the (now defunct) UK Web & Minicomix Thing. When someone is going to print your stuff in colour you go to town, right?

I realise that the mentions of “Sexy Expanded Universe Fanfic” ¬†and “Umber Hulks” will be utterly incomprehensible to most people but I really couldn’t resist them.



  1. Frankie D.

    Defunct? Did it crash and burn after I failed to go this year? I had my reasons, dammit!

  2. Simon

    Yep it’s no more. However, there is this which seems like it will be pretty much the same thing, so I expect we will probably be there!

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