The Bottle page 3
August 30th, 2010

The Bottle page 3

At this point the publishing schedule of Hope for the Future had been completely derailed, partly by my own laziness, although also due to the fact that we had put the website together and were doing (fairly) regular updates. I had thought that I would be able to do unrelated strips as well as the main book in tandem, but unfortunately, I soon found out my brain just won’t work like that, so the story took a back seat to the strips.

This issue was the first that I knew I would be eventually putting on the website while I was doing it, so I tried to make most of the pages function as a regular webcomic  – so basically, you get a punchline at the end of each page. Well, kind of a punchline. At the end of most of the pages. I suppose I’m always more geared towards telling long rambling stories, rather than short and to the point webstrips, because, well, I tend to ramble. Like I’m doing here.



  1. Adam

    I like the ramblings. Its how I would tell the story.

  2. Simon

    Let’s be honest, get rid of the rambling and there’s basically nothing left.

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