Crystal Tips Page 1
August 2nd, 2010

Crystal Tips Page 1

This story was inspired, like so many others, by an old, half remembered article in The Fortean Times. It first appeared in issue 256 of The Judge Dredd Megazine. But hang on, I hear you cry. I (you) thought you (I) were a fiercely independent unmediated creative force, what are you (I) doing working for a corporate entity like… whoever owns 2000AD this week. Never fear gentle reader, the greasy tentacles of capitalism have yet to insinuate their way into my trousers. No money changed hands between the publisher and the plucky naive indie comics creators that submitted work to be printed in that esteemed organ, a fact which royally cheesed off a great many people.

Of course when someone offers you what is essentially a free, full colour six page advert in a national magazine, you should take it and stop bitching. Not that my sales figures increased significantly, but it at least gave me a chance to issue misleading press releases.


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