Daily Mail in reductive overreaction shocker!

With Kick-Ass, we are now in the peculiar position of comic book movies that refer more to movies than they do to comic books, right down to star Aaron Johnson’s perfect reprisal of Tobey Maguire’s voice over in Spider-Man. I guess Mark Millar writes film treatments first and comics second (if the execreble Wanted is anything to go on), but in this case it works brilliantly. The film has been universally praised, although certain reactionary news sources have predictably claimed that it is the end of civilisation as we know it. The Mail writer seems to think that an eleven year old girl in a purple wig constitutes a “sexual image” (!), and gets in a right old tizz about the swearing and violence, branding the film “evil” and “amoral”. But, most heinous of all is the fact that the film was written (read: adapted) by Jane Goldman who just so happens to be married to Jonathan Ross. To The Daily Mail, Ross is, along with immigrants and gay marriage, destroying the very fabric of Britain. But anyone who did this can’t be all bad.



  1. Ceridwen

    Jonathan Ross also snogged Neil Gaiman (it’s on youtube!), which gets him a gazillion geek points in my book. And probably proves to the DM he is actually a Gay.

  2. Simon

    Wait a minute… Gaiman… Gay… Man…? OH MY GOD!!

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