And I turned, as I had turned as a boy…

Comics blogger Kate Beaton regularly creates comics in which she converses with her younger self, and recently invited her readers to do the same, leading to an avalanche of responses. I found about this while looking through Lissa Treiman’s blog (whose strip for the Scary Go Round Feats of Strength competition rightfully won, even though it was up against some, ahem, super awesome entries). So, like many others, I was inspired to make my own:

Conversations with my younger self

Well what else am I going to talk to my younger self about? I don’t know about anything else. I suspect I have fallen into an easy stereotype here. Many of the responses to Kate’s blog post were along the lines of KID: “I like cartoons and comics”, ADULT: “Me too!”, BOTH: “Yay!”. Cartoonists are a predictable lot, and I haven’t exactly moved away from the immature norm. Ah well. On a similar theme, I knocked together another one:

Conversations with my younger self part 2

Now, I am aware of the slightly dodgy Freudian implications of waving around an obvious massive (not to mention glowing) phallic symbol in order to impress my childhood self, but the truth is I would have literally killed for one of these things when i was six.


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