6 Degrees of Francis Bacon Day 8: Test Card Girl

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The subject for today’s picture was suggested by Chris Doherty on Twitter, who notes the similarities between the Dungeons & Dragons cartoon and Life On Mars , the BBC’s time travel/The Prisoner referencing psychodrama/70s nostalgia fest. As terrific as the performances by John Simm and Phillip Glenister were, the reality bending appearances by the Test Card Girl fascinated me the most. Anyone who grew up in the 70s has this image burned into their brain, so it was a stroke of genius for the creators to bring it to life. And creepy kids (not to mention creepier clown dolls) are always a winner.

So where next?  Suggestions for something cool, related in some way to Life On Mars, The Test Card, creepy kids or anything in between, can be made here, on my Twitter feed, or at the Facebook Group.



  1. F_monkey

    How about leaping to actual kids TV like Evil Edna (from Willo the Wisp), or the telebugs (http://www.80scartoons.co.uk/telebugs2.php) or go to scary TV’s such as those in Videodrome,The Ring and Poltergeist.

  2. Simon

    I briefly toyed with drawing Ronnie James Dio seeing as Black Sabbath did a song called TV Crimes with Dio in the frontman slot… although doing my own suggestions seems a little self indulgent – not that it stopped me before

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