6 Degrees of Francis Bacon Day 7: Venger


From Tom Baker, we go to his role in the, let’s be honest, not very good film version of Dungeons & Dragons, and from there we go to the let’s be honest, not very good cartoon of Dungeons & Dragons, and that series’ half Vader half David Warner out of Time Bandits villain, Venger.

The D&D cartoon is fondly remembered by many people, and nostalgic reminiscences about it always lead to the same question. No, they never got home. Actually it was a bit of a weird spin off. A bunch of American teenagers, including Ralph Malph from Happy Days find themselves in a surreal not-very much like D&D world where they are given orders by a grinning Yoda like homonculus , the self styled Dungeon Master. I reckon he was the evil genius pulling the strings, seeing as Venger and Tiamat couldn’t get much done between them.

A backstory for Venger was hinted at, that he was DM’s “fallen apprentice” or son or some such, but in the style of most 80s US cartoons, there wasn’t a lot in the way of character motivation or development, but I like to think that this is a tribute to the big V as it sounds so much like him.

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  1. Frankie D.

    Have you read the script to the finale that was never made? Ties together a fair few bits.


  2. kelvingreen

    There was a group of fans who were animating that final script, but I don’t know how far they got. They wanted to use a design I’d done for a good Venger, but I said no, because it was crap.

    My design, not the cartoon.

    Anyway, this is really very good.

    Let’s do Venger, to V’Ger from the first Star Trek film, to James T Kirk.

  3. Simon

    That wasn’t bad at all – it actually *does* explain some stuff!

    Check out the Bigass Dungeons & Dragons post over at Geek Orthodox – http://geek-orthodox.blogspot.com/2008/07/dungeons-dragons-invades-saturday.html – particularly the box illustration on the Quest For The Dungeonmaster boardgame. Venger’s not so bad – he just wants to play.

  4. TianNing

    Love your Venger art. And yeah, I’m one of those oddly nostalgic-for-the-sucky-80s-cartoon, and I can’t figure out why. The show does NOT age well, but there was something about it…

    Maybe it was that Peter Cullen voice of Venger’s, but I had such a major crush on him when I was wee enough to love that silly cartoon. It’s fun to see there are others who remember the show fondly, while recognizing its really, really bad production values.

    Love your artwork. Love it.

    How about doing a fair rendering of one of the greatest animated villains (and thank GAHD Disney didn’t make him sing): Shan Yu. Please rescue him from Disney! Give him the character you just gave Venger.

    If not that, then how about a badass Flaming Carrot? (BAGPIPES!! YAAAAA!)

  5. Simon

    I had to google Shan Yu. I’m afraid my cultural knowledge is not as broad as I like to pretend it is. He looks cool though, like one of R’As Al Ghul’s henchmen out of Batman: The Animated Series.

    That D&D cartoon did have some good stuff in it though. The design was a bit more Roger Dean than Jeff Easley/Larry Elmore, a bit more surreal than you might have expected. And there was a bit where they all had to face their worst fears, which was pretty creepy – particularly Diana turning into an old woman.

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