At Least It Wasn’t Santana Page 1
December 3rd, 2008

At Least It Wasn’t Santana Page 1

Ho Ho Ho! Merry Everyone!

It’s a common practice of sitcoms through the ages to feature a Christmas episode. In the 70s this would mainly feature Steptoe and Son or George and Mildred?wearing paper hats and sitting miserably around a turkey carcass. In the 80s budgets, like shoulders, were a lot bigger, so you would get the boys from Only Fools & Horses jetting off to The Algarve or Los Angeles, but what’s Christmassy about that then eh?

I tried to get a lot of stuff to do with Christmas into this story, but the plot did wander away slightly. Maybe next time I will write something that involves turkeys more prominently.

I did return to the festive season with this strip, which I was going to suggest takes place just after the current HFTF story, but that doesn’t work because of the nature of Lee and Rebecca’s “relationship”. So I guess it must be the year after, as is this one, which at least is thematically linked somehow. ?I promise one day this will all make sense.