Hope for the Future Page 8
March 14th, 2008

Hope for the Future Page 8

One day Rock With Laughter will be on DVD…

Bobby Davro, unlike Little and Large, is fairly well represented on youtube, but the clips are pretty dreadful so I won’t link to them. All you need to know is he was a comedy impressionist on British telly in the 1980s. His material was terrible, but if you’re thinking people were easily entertained back in those pre HD dark ages, don’t forget that we have crap like Meet the Spartans now, and plenty of people pay to see it. In fact that whole genre of “comedy” has a lot in common with Bobby Davro’s work, particularly when he would spoof (ie. rip off) other people’s comedy characters (such as Smashie & Nicey, and Wayne’s World) and then use them to do his own horrible jokes.

These days he can been seen flexing his serious dramatic acting chops in Eastenders. TV soaps seem to be a lucrative second career for aging purveyors of light entertainment, what with Shane Richie in ‘enders and Bradley Walsh in Coronation Street. I confidently expect to see Jimmy Cricket playing an inbred farmhand on Emmerdale.


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