Everyone Loves a Blog

“Blog regularly, blog often”, is the mantra that web based diarists are (nonsensically) advised to adhere to, but what to blog about? Obviously the “Director’s Commentary” style has it’s limits (ie. “when I drew this page I was suffering from scrofula”). Likewise the snapshot of the creator’s life (“the council have just put new lamp posts up in my street”).

It’s hard to know whether the world needs to hear whatever flights of whimsy are on your mind or whether your self indulgent bullshit is better left unsaid. For instance, I had a really good point to make about how that Sex and the City movie was similar to Daredevil, and the whole thing was going to wind up with a really good joke about Mick McMahon. But on second thoughts it probably would have been funny to absolutely no one. However, I’m sure I will soon regale you with more inane and fatuous comments that I can’t keep to myself. Just like this one.