Halloween Page 7
November 17th, 2008

Halloween Page 7

And so ends The Hope for the Future Halloween Special also known as issue 4. Issues 1-4 are collected in a US format trade paperback, available directly from us, or from Indyplanet (if you’re American or something). Thrill to the stories you have just read, except in glorious low tech analog black and white dead tree format. Ideal for reading on the bus. Or on the toilet. Or in bed. Or anywhere else you don’t have a computer. Of course it’s possible you do use a computer to read webcomics in all those places, and who am I to judge?

There will now be a short break. We’ll return next Monday with a one off strip, so all of you who have already bought and read the books, yes, all three of you, will have a reason to come to the site.

A week later we return to our normal schedule, and, as Noddy Holder would say “It’s Christmas!”. Well, not for another month in the real world, but issues 5 and 6 of HFTF, namely our Christmas tale, is our longest yet and will take us all the way through the festive period. And probably through to Easter, I haven’t checked.


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