Who You Gonna Call (if you want vacuous poseurs)?

In this ad for Citroen, rather revoltingly entitled Ghostbusters Reloaded we are introduced to a trio of pouting, cool sexy people (led by a feisty babe, naturally), in tight, factory fresh uniforms with¬† black leather details (black leather’s cool, right). They use snazzy looking, iPod inspired proton packs to blast a sort of golem monster made of old car parts, soundtracked by a souped up version of Ray Parker Jr’s theme. Then, without a hair out of place, they drive off,¬† presumably to a Dazed & Confused photoshoot.

The real *real* Ghostbusters

Now, correct me if I’m wrong, but weren’t The Ghostbusters shlubby, middle aged men in dirty boiler suits, who worked out of a fire station that should’ve been condemned, drove a clapped out old hearse, and used equipment that was so unreliable and botched that it not only posed a threat to whatever apparition they were up against, but to the very fabric of the space time continuum? They were not cool. They were not models. None of them, as far as I recall, were sexy girls. They were, not to put to fine a point on it, nerds, which is precisely why we loved that movie.

And why the fuck is the car called a Picasso anyway? If it were truly inspired by ol’ Pablo, the wheels would be on the roof and it would be driven by a minotaur!


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